There Is Something WRONG In This Picture Of Four Friends! Can You Spot It?

This challenge was posted with the caption: “It took me forever to find what was wrong here…”

He wasn’t alone! The picture of four friends posing together was stumping a lot of people. They were focusing on details – only three had sunglasses, only two had purses…what was wrong with it?! One girl isn’t looking at the camera?! …And then they found it in the background!While many people were distracted by the smiling friends, not many people realized that someone had photoshopped the crowd in the background! The man behind them now appears on every single person in the crowd! From the women to the men – even the children now sport the hair of the guy behind them!

Did you spot it before it was pointed out? Most people didn’t! See if you can stump your friends! This one is just too funny!

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