There Are Six Girls In This Picture. Can You Find All Of Their Legs?

At first, this just looks like a normal group of friends enjoying themselves at a friend’s house. The sports memorabilia makes us think they’re probably watching a game, the scattered bottles around the room tell us there are probably other people there…but something just feels wrong.

That’s when someone who saw the picture online noticed there there seemed to be something missing…a pair of legs! Which legs belong to which woman?! It’s confusing and unsettling, but people were determined to figure it out.

The photo went viral as people started sharing it and trying to find out if maybe that woman didn’t actually have legs, or maybe her pants were the same pattern as the couch cushions. The picture spread farther and farther until someone finally figured it out!If you didn’t catch it, we’ve circled the missing legs. The second woman in the picture is not only wearing jeans the same color as the woman on her right, she’s also crossing her legs and “hiding” them.Boom! See if you can stump your friends with this silly picture! Even after it has been pointed out, it is still easy for your brain to get confused. It isn’t immediately obvious, but that is what makes it so amusing. Pass it on to your friends and see if they can figure it out!

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