There Are 72 Years Between The First And Last Photograph. Wow.

Remembering the past and looking towards the future is a part of human nature. Learning from those who lived before us and improving life for the next generation is what most of us strive for every day, and being able to capture that sentiment in a photograph is a beautiful thing.

Nicole M. was able to memorialize a moment in time that showed four generations of woman who were all working towards a better future for the next generations.

This photograph is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. There are 72 years between the first and the last photo in this sequence, yet the values, beauty, and love transcend through generations. This photo captures the pride we have for those who came before us and those who came after us.” She wrote.

Many others were able to take pictures like this as well, and a heartbreaking number of them reported that months, weeks, and in some cases, even days later, their matriarch passed away. These pictures are so important, and more people hope to pass the idea around to document the lives and accomplishments of families everywhere.

We think this is beautiful!

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