There Are 16 Circles Hidden In These Straight Lines. Can You See Them All?

It’s a weekday afternoon and there’s nothing better to do? Well, there probably is; I’ve got a list of chores and errands piling up as I type, but that’s not going to stop me from staring at this picture for a few minutes to try and figure out how there could possibly be a large number of circles in this collection of squares.

Stare at this optical illusion for a few seconds and see if you can find the circles. There are 16…they are just hidden very well!I wasn’t able to see them until I got frustrated and tried to scroll passed the image – and they appeared suddenly as if by magic! Some people have said that they can see the circles only if they look away from the image and stare just to the right of the picture. Others say that they can focus on the circles if they stare directly at the center of each “square.”

Looking between the corners of the squares makes them appear!

Were you able to spot the circles without help? I found them…but now I have a bit of a headache! Yikes!

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