Their Wedding Rings Were Stolen Just Days Before The Wedding…Their Solution? Perfection!

In Kansas City, a wedding was about to be held. The invitations had been sent, the dresses were ready, and the suits were pressed and ready to go. All that was left were the rings…5.6a3

They had been sent out to be professionally cleaned…but they were stolen from the back of the shipping truck before they made it to the excited couple.

Mandy and Ryan were shocked to discover that just before their wedding day, someone had robbed them of their symbols of devotion. Unfortunately for that person, there was absolutely nothing that could dampen their spirits…even stolen wedding rings! 5.6a2

The two decided to just use replacement rings instead. When they got to the exchanging of the rings, laughter erupted as the couple had chosen something completely unexpected to profess their unwavering love for one another!

They exchanged their vows with huge smiles on their faces as they placed Ring Pops on each other’s fingers! The candies that are still popular 20 years later were an adorable twist to their nuptuals, and the couple didn’t care one bit that their custom wedding bands were replaced with fruit-flavored candy. 5.6a1They understood that a wedding isn’t about the things. The dress and the venue and the food and the decorations aren’t what makes a wedding great. The people that come together and witness two souls vow to stand by each other until the very end is a beautiful thing.

Much more beautiful than a pair of rings, anyway.

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