Their Wedding Clothes Hang Together For One Heartbreaking Reason

After her grandfather passed away, she went to visit her grandfather’s second wife. When she entered their home, she saw that the grieving widow had decided to display their wedding clothes and keepsakes instead of packing them away or keeping them stored out of sight. She missed him so much that she wanted to keep him close as much as she could. The clothing hangs in a loving embrace, even when the people who wore them have to be apart.

They were married after he had been diagnosed with cancer, but they wanted to share as much as possible in life before he left.

She¬†posted the picture for others to see and immediately people could relate to the sorrow of losing a spouse.¬†Many remember going through their grandparent’s belongings after they had passed and finding similar keepsakes stashed away. One woman found that her grandfather had kept her grandmother’s makeup because it had a very specific scent that reminded him of her…even after she had been gone for 17 years.

Another realized that her grandmother slept next to one of her grandfather’s shirts sprayed with his cologne to remember him and keep him close.

Whether they were married for a few years or a few decades, saying goodbye to a constant companion is heartbreaking. Finding ways to keep them alive each day is different for everyone, but this method is too sweet.

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