Their Miniature Pooch Wanted To Watch The Street…So They Built Him A CASTLE!

Owners of small dogs know the particular problem that many of them face: they can’t see out of the windows without jumping up on furniture. They desperately want to watch the outside world while their humans are sleeping or at work, but they are just too tiny to walk over and look out.

The owner of Walter, a miniature Schnauzer, decided to do something creative to help his pet not only see outside, but also stay off of the furniture during the day…he made a customized dog castle!

I have zero woodworking experience at all,” Dad wrote. “I went to the local hardware store and bought a sheet of MDF. I got them to cut it in store into 6 equal rectangles. I then drew up plans for how I wanted the castle to look and laid it out as above before screwing it together.”

He proved that anyone can do this project – regardless of their crafting skill level! Once he nailed the entire piece together, he added squares of carpet to the bed underneath and the roof overhead. They measured the size of the castle so that Walter would be able to lay down fully without having to curl into a semi-circle. He still preferred to leave one foot hanging off!And the project was fairly cheap!

All in I was £19 for the MDF, £8 for the grip tape and £8 for the rug, so ~ £35.” He wrote.

That’s a HUGE savings! A contraption like this would cost a fortune at the store. Congrats, Walter!

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