Their “Mailbox Manatee” Gets A Makeover Every Holiday And It’s The Best Thing Ever

When purchasing your mailbox, you probably skipped right over the “happy manatee” option and instead opted for a more tradition “box on a stick.” Well, this hilarious neighborhood family is here to show you that you’ve missed out on a huge opportunity! Prepare yourselves. This manatee mailbox is too precious.

When Marley Whitesell moved into her new neighborhood, she immediately noticed the eclectic mailbox of a home down the street. A few days later, it began to rain…and when she drove by, the manatee had been given a raincoat and a helpful hint about the weather:

Hurricane Season Ends Nov. 30th!”

A few days later, she realized something exciting…they dress their manatee up for every occasion! This Halloween, it was a ghost!
There have only been four festive outfits so far, but she can’t wait to see the manatee’s many different style choices in the year to come!The Manatee Mailbox comes with a hefty price tag, too! At around $600, the mailboxes help to raise awareness about manatees and their habitats that need protection.The adorable mailbox makes a statement, and after seeing how cute it is all dressed up in its holiday best, many people are considering one for their own lawns!

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