Their Love Story Is As Perfect As Their Picture!

The couple in this photograph (unnamed) have a precious story that could easily be made into a romantic novel – it’s a love story for the ages! Back before the war, many couples would meet through friends and family “setting them up” with friends of friends. With no internet and little access to phones, finding a match took a bit more work for some people…and in this case, a blind date was the start of a decades long relationship that impacted dozens of people!

My aunt gave me this picture of my grandparents last night. They met on a blind date. He proposed 3 weeks later… but wouldn’t marry her until he got out of the army. She waited 4 years for him. 4 years later they were married, and had 7 kids! When he retired, he would set the breakfast table every morning and would wait to eat until she woke up. When he got sick with Alzheimer’s and we would watch him, I remember him asking us to write down his address. My mom wrote it down on a napkin. He folded and stuck it in his back pocket. He would then periodically pull it out and check, because he ‘couldn’t miss dinner’. Love is beautiful.”

They knew what was important in life, and they knew what was worth waiting for. Like that old saying goes, “when you know, you know.” Others might not have waited such a long time. Some may have decided that four years was just too long to wait around and found someone else, but not these two! What they had – however brief – was real, and it was beautiful.

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