Their Dog Came Home Limping And Exhausted. They Feared The Worst Until They Read This Note!

A New Zealand family were worried when their dog didn’t come home at his usual time. The retired farm dog had a predictable routine, and they knew that the only thing that might keep him away must have been serious. They just knew something had gone wrong.

Louie usually waits on the driveway for his friend, Maddy, to come and visit. Together, the two dogs trot off to the edges of town to chase rabbits and let off steam. But that day, the dogs didn’t come back.

When Maddy’s owner, Rob, didn’t see her earlier in the day, he just assumed that she had gone off with Louie and wasn’t worried…but when he came home to find Louie on his own, he rushed into action. Louie was insistent that Rob follow him, and after a long trek, they came to a rough looking bit of shrubs and branches.Louie began to frantically bark and paw at the ground. That’s when Rob realized that Maddy had gotten stuck inside of a rabbit hole!

Together with Louie, Rob pulled at branches, roots, and began to dig Maddy out of the trap. As soon as Maddy was freed, the dogs raced to the nearby pond to drink water before collapsing on the ground, exhausted.

Rob attached a note to Louie’s collar and wanted his humans to know just how dedicated and faithful the old dog was to his young friend.

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