Their Car Broke Down Late At Night. Instead Of Diverting Traffic, This State Trooper Stepped Up!

Autumn S. was just about 2 hours away from home when her car broke down on the highway. She had her three children in the car, and while that wouldn’t seem entirely impossible to most, her youngest child happened to be a newborn. He was hungry, he was fussy, but there was nothing that she could do. The car was stranded on the highway, and she knew that if she took her baby out of his car seat, he would be in a lot of danger if another car crashed into them.

Her baby was safest locked into his car seat…even if he wasn’t the happiest.

She called for help, and an Alabama State Trooper arrived to save the day. He could have simply parked his car behind their own to help keep traffic from hitting them while they waited for help, but instead, he did so much more.

He secured the kids in his own car and drove Autumn and her babies to a nearby rest stop while her husband waited on the tow truck with their broken down vehicle.

He checked the rest stop’s restroom for “boogiemans” so that her young children wouldn’t be afraid to use it. When her newborn started fussing again, he instinctively took over feeding him and didn’t have to be told when to burp him or how to comfort him. When Autumn’s husband eventually called to say that they couldn’t get the car fixed until the next day, the State Trooper loaded all of their belongings into his vehicle and drove them to a hotel.

By this point, it was too late to do anything. The family hunkered down for the night…but knew that without the help of this kind man, the night could have been a LOT worse!

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