Their Car Battery Died, Leaving Them Stranded. After A Stranger Helps Them, They Are Given This Envelope

When things went from bad to worse for a couple evacuating from Florida, a stranger steps in to help…and then does something completely unexpected!

When their car’s battery died far from home, one couple wasn’t sure what to do next. They had driven up to Tennessee to wait out hurricane Irma that would be hitting their home in Florida, but they were trying their best to stay positive. While on their way to grab lunch, they realized that they would need a jumpĀ andĀ a new battery for their car. The trip was going from bad to worse by the minute.

They asked the man in the car next to them if they could get a jump while she went inside of the restaurant to put their names on the wait list. The man, it turned out, was the manager of the restaurant and told her that he’d get them a table quickly.

Mo, the manager, had been running the restaurant for over two decades and wanted to help them in any way he could. After they finished their meal, the waitress put this envelope on their table and told them that the meal was on the house.

You are probably here to escape the Hurricane Irma. My brother lives in Tallahassee, Fl. I am saddened to see such devastation in this beautiful state. I hope everything will turn out ok for you guys. Enclosed please accept my gift to you in case you need to buy a battery for your car. Also I am enclosing a meal ticket so you can come back to eat here. Good luck and Thanks for visiting my restaurant.

Mo Tamaddoni, General Manager.”

The beautiful gesture went farther than the manager could have thought as over 20,000 people shared the story practically overnight!

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