Their Calendar Has A Special Stamp. Husband Uses It To Mark Days His Wife DOESN’T Get Mad…

She had a short temper. When it started to affect their marriage, they knew that if something didn’t change, it might be the end of their relationship. They weren’t sure if it was going to work…but after she decided to share what her husband had written down, she had no idea that millions of people would get involved.In order to improve herself, she knew that she would need help. She was tired of being angry over everything and enlisted her husband to help her become a person she could be proud of. Her instructions were simple: if she went the entire day without getting mad, place a stamp…but he decided to go one step more!

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At the end of each week, he wrote her a note telling her how proud he was of her! Some days, he was able to give her a stamp. When he couldn’t, he gave her his support instead.

I had to go back to work after break, but thanks to your help, it was easy. Every time I eat one of the delicious bento lunches you make me, I feel like I’m not alone, and I’m so thankful to have you. Going to the gym on Sundays, and going to Ginza too, we had a full week. Looking forward to next week.”

Her quest to gain control of her temper went viral, and people admired their willingness to help one another improve! Even though it was a small idea, it inspired others to do the same.

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