Their 3-Year-Old Didn’t Understand What A New Year’s Toast Was. An ADORABLE Tradition Was Born!

Kids are adorable, and you can never be sure what they’re going to say next. She knew that a New Year’s tradition was to “toast at midnight,” but she ended up creating a new family tradition that many people have decided to adopt into their own families!

The six adults were celebrating the night together when his daughter bursts into the room and yells:

Are we gonna have toast now?!”

After looking at each other and realizing what she thought they had meant, they couldn’t help be make it happen. They made two pieces and covered one with butter, the other with strawberry jam, and sliced them into little triangles. Together, they “toasted” the new year! The family has decided to make it a new tradition, and hope that others can do the same. Including all family members is important, especially on big holidays, and people are sharing this story with friends and family because of how precious it is.

Some people might have laughed at her, or explained that she was wrong. This family embraced the misunderstanding and created something beautiful. This was the perfect way to “toast” the new year!

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