Theif Steals Large Item In Most Bizzar Way

It seems that burglars never run out of genius ways to hide the items they’re about to steal. In this surveillance video, two women are caught shoplifting in an appliance store. One of them is the look out, while the other takes the item. You’ll be shocked to know what happens next.

After grabbing one of boxes of flatscreen TVs displayed in the store, one of thieves places it between her legs and covers it all up with her skirt. The two women then walk out as if nothing has happened. They may act normal as soon as they reach the streets, but the crime they’ve just committed is all caught on tape.

How was the woman able to carry a flatscreen TV between her legs, you ask? Well the police are as surprised as you are. One assumption is that she might be practicing a lot at home. The authorities have put this video online not only to make it viral, but to attract information and awareness.

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