The “World’s Ugliest Dog” Is Still Pretty Darn Adorable! Just Look At The Perfectly Hideous Face! Aww!

These dogs probably wouldn’t take home any awards for “best in show,” but their quirky aesthetic qualities are definitely something to be respected! Jokes about these dogs are never-ending, and names like Sweepee Rambo, Scamp, Donald Trump, Quasi Modo and Grovie, how can you blame them?

16 Dogs entered the competition this year, and there was fierce competition as a result. The dogs all brought a hilarious look to be considered, and none of them were anything like the others. It was a tough decision, but we think that the judges made an excellent selection for the winner!6.27a14

The winner this year is a blind, 17-year-old mutt named Sweepee Rambo, and she definitely deserved the trophy. The prize money is a whopping $1,500 and a very large trophy that her owner will display proudly…hopefully right in his entryway because that is the best conversation starter!

She has accompanied her human to work everyday and was rescued from a pound. What she lacks in looks, she makes up for in love!

The second place winner, Josie, was a Chinese crusted mix, but just lacked that extra “oomph” that Sweepee Rambo brought to the stage. Sweepee knows a little something about coming in second as she was last year’s runner-up to a dog named Quasi Modo. 6.27a12

Himisaboo and the other contestants might not have been quite as hideous, but they are adorable in their own way. I just want to hug every single one of them!6.27a13Do you agree with this years? Winner?


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