The World’s LARGEST 3D Printer Is Printing HOUSES! Total Cost? $53.

Having a place to live is the top priority for humans as a species. Food, shelter, and healthcare are on most people’s “top 3” priorities in life, but in some countries, having a home is just not an option. In poverty-stricken areas, entire families might live without a roof over their heads, struggling just to live from day to day.

…But with this amazing printer, families can have a home that is sturdy, reliable, and above all else, affordable.9-21a7

The World’s Advanced Saving Project (WASP) is printing full-sized homes out of mud, clay, and straw that can withstand an incredible amount of weathering. By using materials that are not only local, but “dirt” cheap, families are able to have homes, and for some, they are able to have a home for the first time.

The homes are sound and reliable because they mimic patterns already found in nature. Adapted from the homes created by the mud dauber wasp, these mud and clay structures are quick to build.9-21a9

The mixture transforms from a liquid into a solid surprisingly fast, meaning that the machine can print 60 centimeters each day, and in the summer when the air is dry and hot, up to a full meter per day. 9-21a8

Two men working with one machine can 3D print one shelter in a very short time, and people around the world are rejoicing. Finally, a solution that will keep them safe, protected, and allow them to focus on other important aspects of their lives.


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