“The World’s Hardest Word Search” Only Uses Three Letters. People STILL Can’t Solve It!

Ah, good old word searches! Beore smart phones, these were one of many favorite ways to pass the time! Waiting for the bus? Standing in line? Taking a break? Just pull out that day’s newspaper and suddenly life is just so much more interesting. According to the people have been sharing it, this puzzle is HARD! Can you figure it out? All you need to do is find one word: DOGNo, the title doesn’t count! You’ve probably already got a method for finding words, but one of the best methods makes this puzzle fairly simple!

Work from left to right; when you spot the first letter of the word, scan all around the letter and see if the word spells out in any direction. If it doesn’t, move on to the next letter or line, depending on where you are in the puzzle.

Some people report that they were able to find the word in under a minute using this method! If you couldn’t find it, don’t worry, we’ll post the answer below:
How long did it take you to find the word ‘dog?’ Did you use a different method?

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