The Workers At Ibiza Airport Quit Working When Management Refused To Pay Their Salaries. Six Days Later…

When the airport in Ibiza hired a new management company, they had no idea what sort of carnage would ensue. The strike is scheduled to go on for another three months, but this is what the trash bins looked like after one a few days:Disgusted tourists posed with the overflowing bins, and visitors wondered why the other staff at the airport didn’t help out. According to their local papers, the law in Spain prevents them from doing anything helpful, and the cleaning crew refuses to work until they are paid and their new management takes them seriously.

The bathrooms are unusable, and many airlines have sent out notices to their passengers to use the restrooms before coming to the airport and waiting until they have boarded the plane.

Others say that the fact that the airport became absolutely disgusting in less than a week only points out the flaws in our society. One traveler asked why parents were leaving dirty diapers on the floor instead of simply taking them along and throwing them away somewhere else. Why were travelers dropping half-eaten food onto the piles instead of wrapping them back up and holding onto their own garbage for a little while longer. Or why leave empty boxes, and bottles, and papers strewn about when the bins were clearly full?
It isn’t the airport’s fault that travelers are so careless, but it brought some serious issues to light. Hopefully, things will be resolved before three months pass.

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