The Wire Shelf In Her Laundry Room Was Upgraded With Just ONE Simple Change!

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment or rented a home, you may be very familiar with this wire shelf. If not, these are usually installed above laundry rooms (and sometimes in closets as well) because they are sturdy, easy to clean, and functional. One thing they aren’t, however, is pretty.

They have that “I’m useful and that’s it” vibe, and one woman felt the urge to decorate the room without having to take anything apart.9-26a7So, she grabbed a piece of lumber, a stencil, and two shades of paint to turn this boring shelf into a beautiful work of art! She made sure the piece of wood was light, but wide enough to cover the wires of the shelf. She painted it white, let it dry for a few hours, then stenciled on her design in a beautiful gold color.9-26a8Once it had completely dried, she stuck it to the wire using Velcro! The Velcro tabs are sticky on both ends and fit perfectly on the mounts for the wire shelf and the back of the piece of wood. Since her strip was light, she only needed a piece of Velcro on each end to hold it in place.9-26a9With just one small change, her laundry room got the upgrade that it deserved without becoming a weekend project that cost a fortune! What do you think of her idea? I wish I had known this trick at my first apartment!


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