The Wife Of Maine’s Governor Took A Waitress Job…And No One Recognized Her Until Now!

Ann LePage had been working double shifts at a McSeagulls, a seafood restaurant, for several weeks until someone recognized her. She hadn’t told anyone that she had taken the job and was planning to work as long as it took until she could purchase a truck. But that all changed when a reporter recognized her face and spread the word: Maine’s first lady is working at a restaurant!6.30a8When she was interviewed about the job, she explained that she just needed to earn the extra money to buy a vehicle.

Her daughter worked at the same restaurant a year before and had made roughly $28 an hour working double shifts (the morning shift, which can start as early as 9am at some restaurants, and the evening shift, which can run as late as 1am in others), but LePage was ready for the challenge. Since she hadn’t held a job since her ailing mother required round-the-clock care, it seemed like a good place to start.

She didn’t talk openly about her status, and only ever admitted the fact after people told her that she looked “just like the first lady” or “familiar.”

The reason she’s working double shifts? Her husband, the governor of Maine, is the lowest paid governor in all of the 50 states. While every other governor makes roughly $130,000 per year, Gov. Paul LePage is paid $70,000 per year. That’s half of what others make for the same job. He tried to raise the salary so that the next governor could be paid the national average, but it fell through.

Until then, she does what she needs to!

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