The Wedding Was Cancelled…But She Decided To Keep Her Disneyland Photo Shoot Anyway!

When Brooke Lowry’s engagement was called off, she had a lot to deal with. Cancelling plans, notifying friends and family, dealing with venues and contracts…the list seemed never-ending, but she was determined to get through it with grace and poise. The one thing she wasn’t cancelling? Her Disneyland photo shoot.

As soon as she became engaged, she booked the session, excited for her fairy tale dreams to come true. But what’s a princess to do without her prince? She thought about what it meant to be a “Disney princess” in the first place.

These women are kind even when others are not,” she says. “They are loyal and compassionate, inclusive and accepting, elegant and discerning, dreamers and doers. They look for the best in others, they bring honor to their families, and they work hard and stay true to themselves.” 9-26a10

She decided to keep it. She had earned it, after all! Instead of cancelling the session, she decided to fulfill her childhood dream all on her own.

I am a Princess, long may I reign,” posing with Disneyland itself in the background of each stunning photo.

When she looks back at the pictures, she hopes to see a princess rising above adversity and pressing forward even when life seemed too hard to continue.
Things might not have worked out this time around, but she has hope that one day, they will.

He really is a lovely man. The slippers just didn’t fit this Cinderella.”


And her story is inspiring us all!

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