The Weather Had Been Terrible For WEEKS. After Rescheduling Multiple Times…They Decided To Wing It!

It had been raining in Waxahachie, Texas for weeks, and there was mud everywhere. The Barton family had already rescheduled the photo session several times, but the days kept getting cloudier and the rain never let up. Finally, at 38 weeks pregnant, she decided to do something unconventional. Would it be messy? Yes. Would it be traditional? No. Did it represent her family? Absolutely!

They decided to use the muddy puddles in their own backyard. They started off splashing in a few puddles…and it all ended in a huge mud fight!
She wanted to document their lives and the people they were – her family of boys was anything but predictable, and posing in perfectly clean outfits in a peaceful location sounded nice…but this just fit them all so much more!The kids had a blast getting messy and throwing mud. Mom had fun watching her happy boys play in the mud puddles. Dad was happy to make the memories before their family dynamic changed. The session was a success! She went into labor just nine days later. If they had waited for the “perfect” moment to take their pictures, they would have missed their chance entirely.

Families who saw the pictures were inspired! More and more are looking for ways to better represent the things and activities that their own families love doing together. There is a time and place for “perfect” pictures…but this was not it!

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