The “Walmart Workout” Helped This Arizona Dad Lose Over 300 Pounds!

Pasquale ‘Pat’ Brocco, 31, realized that he would die if he didn’t change his habits. He weighed 605 pounds and had high cholesterol and high blood pressure. He knew that his weight would be the cause of his death, and he just couldn’t bear it any longer.

He decided to do something drastic, and he called it “The Walmart Workout.”

He tossed out all of the food in his home and started from scratch. Three times a day, he would walk 1 mile from his home to Walmart and purchase his next meal, making sure that it was healthy and fit into his new diet. He wouldn’t eat it until he made it back home. This meant that he was walking 2 miles for every meal, three times a day.

He had never walked 6 miles in the past few years, but now he was walking 6 miles each and every day. It was hard, and he wanted to give up…but all he had to do was look in the mirror to remind himself why he was doing this incredibly hard thing.8.19a25But it worked. In 2 years, he had lost over 200 pounds. He began going to the gym and making smarter choices. The more he learned about fitness, the easier it was to lose the weight and keep it off.

His most recent accomplishment was a surgery to remove over 3o pounds of loose skin that had been hanging off of his body. He wants his story to be an example to his son and to others.

It’s not just wanting to change, we have to believe we can change,’ he wrote in one Instagram post. ‘If anyone is going to believe in you, start with yourself. There are no limitations, we only set them in our minds. We can become who, and what, we want!’


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