The Voyager Spacecraft Contained This Statement From Jimmy Carter Dated 1977

In 1977, the United States launched an impressive spacecraft meant to outlast hundreds of thousands, if not millions or even a billion years. It was sent out to explore and study our Solar System and primarily allow us to study Jupiter and Saturn before continuing on.

It was meant to be “first contact” with intelligent life outside of Earth. It included a great many images and information about our species, but also included a statement from the president of the time, Jimmy Carter. If you haven’t read it, get ready for chills to run down your spine! The scope of the project was so advanced, that thinking about who or what might intercept this “message in a bottle” really puts our lives into perspective.On the assumption that intelligent life would be able to understand, translate, or otherwise observe a portion of the information included, the human race hoped that we weren’t alone in the vast universe. The letter to the great beyond, to strangers or even alien life, may never reach a destination. It may end up being burnt in a bright star or destroyed by a passing piece of debris.

But the hope that maybe, just maybe, someone will find it and know that “we were here” will have made it all worth it. What do you think?

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