The Truth Behind This Picture Of A Man Sitting At A Desk In A Cramped Hallway Will Make You Cry

17-year-old Mackenna N. came home to find her father sitting in the hallway just outside of her parent’s bedroom. He had set up a desk and comfortable chair, and even brought over a drink and some paperwork to do while they spent time together. So, why did she snap the picture?

Back in October, her mother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She started treatments as soon as possible, but during her radiation treatment the week prior, she had to be isolated…

But she didn’t have to be alone.Instead of letting his wife stay alone in her room, he sat outside of the door and kept her company as much as he was able to, with a small crack in the door to help protect her.

People were touched at his dedication and had their own stories of family members being isolated. Usually, the family members undergoing their radiation treatments are kept in isolation at the hospital and aren’t allowed visitors. They were glad to see that she was allowed to stay at home during her treatments.

I just thought it was sweet because they are so in love,” Mackenna wrote.

Thousands of people were in love with the sweet picture, and hope that her mother recovers soon.

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