The True Purpose Of This Ring Is Incredibly Grim…And The Story Behind It Is Shocking!!

Katya Roma was 25-years-old when she was approached while taking her normal route to work by a young man who wanted to chat and just wanted to “get to know her.” It was the middle of the day, she was busy, and wasn’t interested in his advances. She brushed him off and continued about her day, as many of us would. 6.28a4

But he didn’t appreciate it. The second time he approached her, he didn’t waste time trying to talk. He brutally assaulted her with a knife. He sliced open her abdomen, slit her neck, and stabbed her seven times, aiming at her heart but missing with each stab.

Blood was pouring out of her. With one hand, she held her neck together. With the other, she tried to ward off the knife and hold her organs that were trying to escape from the large hole in her abdomen. She thanks her tight pants for saving her life.

It all happened in daylight, 200 feet from a police station. The only reason she survived was the fact that neighbors happened to hear what was happening outside.

That’s when she knew she had to stop being a victim and start being a survivor. Through many months of rehabilitation – including learning to write with her left hand thanks to defensive wounds on her right arm – she was able to get back on her own two feet.

This ring, she hopes, will help people get help when they need it the most. She had mace in her purse that day, but was unable to use it. This ring could have saved her life if she had been wearing one.6.28a2

By holding a hidden button for 3 seconds, it activates an alert that is sent out to the people who will know how to help; your family and friends. GPS coordinates and even sound recorded on your smart phone will be in the hands of the police, potentially saving your life.6.28a3

This story, one of many, is why women don’t appreciate being “chatted up” or “complimented” on the streets. And now, with a ring like this, safety is just a button away.

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