The Trend Is Called “Duck Feet Nails” And We Aren’t Sure Why It’s Happening

There have been a lot of new trends in recent years – many of them deemed very strange (glitter hair, flowers beards, and painted ears to name a few), but this one is just…too much. It’s too much. They are calling the shape “duck feet,” presumably because the nails fan out similarly to a duck’s flat, webbed feet. Why? At first, it may have been to add more decoration onto the nails, but no one is really sure.12-6z10The designs aren’t what has people confused – it’s the shape. Generally, the designs get great reviews – a lot of women thought that this was a great idea for a “regular” manicure!12-6z7Some are┬ámore bright and colorful than others. (Cheetah-print, anyone?)
12-6z8And some designs include more than one nail shape. The duck feet nails are accompanied by a stilletto ring finger design in the next manicure.
12-6z9But what has people baffled is the fact that the manicures themselves are nice. Some are intricate and some are simple – and no one is sure why the nails were made to flare out in the first place. So, now that you’ve seen a little bit of a duck feet manicure, what do you think? Sure, they are different, but will be asking for one at your next nail appointment…or do you think these are just a waste of money?


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