The Tragic Story Behind This Couple Facing Death In The Movie “Titanic” Was Based On A REAL Couple

While most people remember this iconic scene during the sinking of the Titanic, many don’t realize that the heartbreaking situation was based on a real couple witnessed by survivors of the wreckage.

Cuddled together on the bed, the nameless couple holds onto each other as the frigid waters rush into their room, rising to engulf them and end their lives. They chose to stay side by side instead of attempting to escape or make it to a lifeboat. The emotion in the scene left theaters in tears, but the real story behind the couple is even more heartbreaking.11-18a23Isidor and Ida Straus boarded the iconic voyage to return home from their trip in Germany. They founded and owned Macy’s, the famous department store, but were widely known by friends and family as being truly in love.

When the ship began to sink, they were offered a space on a lifeboat due to their station, but Isidor refused, unable to take a spot when there were still so many women and children to be saved. Seeing that her husband would not get on the lifeboat, Ida chose to remain as well, unwilling to part from her husband.11-18a26

In their final moments, they were seated in chairs on the deck, holding hands and watching the other passengers scramble to get into lifeboats. When an icy wave finally washed them overboard, Isidor’s body was later recovered…but Ida’s was never found.

Witnesses described the event as “the most remarkable exhibition of love and devotion.”

Many film critics argue that this was the love story that should have been featured in the movie. Do you agree?


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