The Top Three Stories Of The BEST Traffic Stops As Told By Policemen. These Are Hilarious!

These anecdotes have been passed around for a good long while now, and I can see why! They’re just too funny! Being pulled over is not fun. It’s not fun for the person who violated the law, and it is especially not fun for the officer who had to stop a reckless driver! But in order to live in a society bound by rules and regulations, these traffic stops need to happen…but nobody said that they had to be BORING!


Oh, snap! That last one was the best! Do you think she knew what she was saying, or was it all horrible coincidence?! I have never had a traffic stop that left me giggling like a little school girl, but maybe one day I will be pulled over and have a story to tell later! Getting a warning for a broken headlight just doesn’t have that “story time” ring to it. Do you have any silly traffic stop stories? One day, I might have one worth telling at the dinner table…but let’s hope not! I’d like my record to stay clean, thank you very much!

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