The Teachers Stopped Her From Going To Prom. Their Reason? Shameful!!

Tiffani Taylor is a mom from Tennessee  who thought she had heard it all…until the night of her daughter’s prom. Taylor’s daughter has a friend named Amy Steverson, another high school teen who was just as excited for prom as you could imagine. The girls spent hours and hours searching for the perfect dress for prom. They spent hours doing their hair, getting their nails done, and making sure their makeup was just right! It was prom after all!

Amy even took professional photos of the occasion. Everything was just what the prom experience was supposed to be: perfect.

That is, until Amy arrived at the dance with her friends. The adults chaperoning the dance and several teachers stepped in and decided that she was dressed inappropriately. They insisted that the only way she could attend the dance was if she put on the school’s vice principal’s jacket to cover up – a jacket that didn’t cover any of her cleavage – because her chest wasn’t “covered” enough.

This is the dress in question:

5.3a2Her floor-length gown covered nearly every bit of her, and an off-the-shoulder bodice is nothing new – many other students had similar dresses – but on Amy, it was too much for the teachers to handle.



Her parents are upset at the school, but haven’t filed any complaints.


A photobooth picture shows the teen with friends having fun. While the other girls in the picture – one with a plunging halter top with exposed midriff, and one with a strapless dress – aren’t forced to wear a huge jacket, she is.

And I think that fact speaks for itself.

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