The Super Bowl Ad You Wish You Didn’t Miss

Domestic violence is present in different communities but it happens behind closed doors. No one is able to speak strongly about it because of the pain and difficulty it brings. In most cases, members of a household just keep it to themselves and carry the burden for the longest time. They want to rid of the bad attention people may bring to the family.

The message this video sends to everyone, especially to those under a trying situation, is very powerful. It only takes less than a minute to know that someone is on the other line ready to listen. Families should never feel helpless or nervous about asking for help because it will be provided immediately if they reach out.

Violence and sexual assault inside a home is real, and it could be happening right this moment. It is hard to talk about it, that’s why people should be ready to listen. This is one way to end thoughtless acts and let it happen no more.

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