The Story Behind This Photo Is Just Too Adorable! Absolutely Heartwarming!

Photographer Breana Isbell was preparing to begin a photo shoot. The couple was dressed, made up, and ready to go! Accessories were in place, the set was cleared, and their smiles were on stand-by…but something unexpected interrupted their session and she just had to share it with everyone! She had no idea that her photograph would nearly instantly go viral online!

The couple were ready in matching outfits, ready to begin their session.

A mother was walking nearby with her young daughter, when the girl suddenly ran over to them without a second thought. The little girl climbed up into the woman’s lap, all smiles and giggles. They didn’t know each other. It only lasted a few moments before the little girl giggled and ran off to rejoin her mother, but Isbell captured the heartwarming moment in this stunning photo.
The little girl had hugged her before leaving. They may not have looked the same on the outside, Isbell wrote, but they shared a kindred spirit on the inside, full of smiles and laughter.

With all the tension right now, I thought I’d share this photo.”

And it spoke for itself. Being shared thousands of times and around the world, people were in awe of the pure kindness beaming out of everyone in the picture. It was a breath of fresh air for many, and the adorable moment was captured for decades to come.

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