The Story Behind This Elegant Ring Will Absolutely Melt Your Heart!

No one is ever sure how much time they will be able to spend with their loved ones, and while making to most of each and every day is important, being able to keep a memento to remember a special time is truly priceless.

One woman created an heirloom without really recognizing it at first…until she thought it was lost forever.

I’m not a jewelry type of girl. Most of the time I don’t even wear my wedding rings. But this ring is special because it belonged to my grandmother who raised me from birth. I won her this ring when I was in the 5th grade. I wrote a poem for a mother’s day writing contest about how I grew in her heart and not in her tummy. I referred to her as my “heartological” mother. We ended up having to sell it to pay our rent one month and I remember being devastated. Flash forward to¬†2012 when I was 21, I was pregnant with our first and we had a terrible fire…I lost my grandmother several months later. Shortly afterwards I also miscarried our daughter Madelyn at almost 5 months.” She wrote on Facebook.

It was a really difficult time for me and I took what I could salvage after the fire and just threw it in trash bags. I didn’t even go through some of it until just this year when we moved. Well low and behold I found THIS RING from all those years ago with several letters from my grandmother in my baby book! My grandmother later found the woman she sold it to and bought it back. And not only did the woman give it back, she refused to take any money. My grandmother wanted to surprise me with it when I had my first child.

I went into labor with our second child, our rainbow baby Noah, on my grandmother’s birthday 3 years after losing her and had him 2 days later. Some days I feel very sad that she didn’t get the chance to meet him. But then again maybe she did. Maybe she sent him to me.”

In an instant, the memories came flooding back with the revelation that this ring had survived those decades and was near to her heart all this time! The story brings back memories for many, and the thousands of shares reflects just how deeply even a single object – no matter how small – can hold so much hope for the future.

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