The Story Behind This Crocheted Blanket Will Make You Cry Happy Tears

Ashtyn Ruysch remembers this song from her childhood, and her mother remembers it from her own. Decades ago, her grandmother sang it to her mother. When Ashtyn was born, her mother passed it down, the song now having even more sweet memories attached. When Ashtyn’s own daughter was born, she continued the tradition.

On her daughter’s 5th birthday, she memorialized the tradition by using a unique crochet pattern she found online. An experienced knitter, she was about to make the quilt in about 50 hours and decided to share it. But she couldn’t have known the reaction that she would get from a specific set of mothers who also found comfort in the lullaby as well.  A “rainbow baby” is a term used to describe children born after miscarriages or stillbirths. This blanket, in its rainbow of colors, and this song, with its very specific lyrics, comforted them in a way that no one expected.

The picture was shared by women who had lost babies, and by women who had friends celebrating successful births. Everyone came together to celebrate life, to celebrate a mother’s love. That same love passed down through generation after generation resonated with thousands of people, and even more decided to learn how to knit…specifically to make this blanket for their own children!

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