The Story Behind This Adorable Nursery Is Breaking Hearts. WARNING: Grab Your Tissues!

Danielle D. has fond memories of her children’s first nursery. Before they were born, her father helped her to paint it and welcome them into the world, but he passed away shortly afterwards. She spent countless hours hand-painting the beautiful tree that stood whimsically over their cribs. When the babies finally arrived, she spent a lot of time in that room, surrounded by the reminder of her father and nurturing her own children.

But then, it was time to move. She prepared to leave it all behind; the walls painted with the help of her dearly departed father, the hand-painted tree in the corner, the memories made in that precious room. But little did she know, her husband had done something INCREDIBLE.
For Mother’s Day, she didn’t receive the typical breakfast in bed or a hand-printed pillowcase. She received a pair of Virtual Reality glasses. She was confused…until she put them on.

Her husband had rented a special camera and captured every inch of the room. When she put the glasses on, she could turn her head and look around as if she were really standing in that precious nursery all over again.

Preserving memories is getting easier with technology, and many people chimed in to say that a good contractor would be able to remove the tree from one home and bring it to the new one. But what mattered the most in her eyes? The fact that her husband did his best to preserve their cherished memories in the most incredible way. Now, she can “visit” the nursery anytime she wishes.

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