The Story Behind These Matching Tattoos Is Intense! “Mike Was Stabbed In LA…”

Back in 2010, three guys had the scare of a lifetime. Two buddies, Garth and Andy, were in Seattle when they got chilling news.

Their friend, Mike, had been waiting in line to get into a dance club, but the line was too long and the small group decided to just walk back to their apartment. On the way back, they heard a loud commotion. A large man had ambushed a girl and was physically assaulting her to try and steal her bag. She was fighting him, and Mike stepped in. At 5’8” and 140 pounds, he tried his best and eventually punched the guy…but the man lunged and ran away. Mike didn’t realize that he had been stabbed, at first, but he was rushed to the hospital.

The damage was extensive, and doctors were forced to remove part of Mike’s intestines, colon, and a kidney.

His friends were crushed, but knew that they needed to do something to support their lifelong friend. Garth had an idea and called up his tattoo artist right away. They had a hilarious plan, and after the artist heard about it, offered to give Mike a matching one for free…

They walked into Mike’s room after he regained consciousness and had this to say:

Since the part of your intestine you had removed was part of your colon, now you have a…”

And Mike burst into laughter (with hacking-coughs, mostly). The guys had gotten semi-“colon” tattoos.

7.29a7Many people use these symbols when they survive a suicide attempt, or when their life nearly ends. They thought it was fitting, and they share a bond in solidarity with their buddy, Mike.

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