The Started With An Empty Stairwell, And Ended With An AMAZING Space For The Kids!

Most houses don’t come with magical indoor play areas for your kids. When you’re apartment hunting, there isn’t a “hey, can you find a house built by fairies so that my kids can spend hours using their imaginations in a unique and fun play room.” Usually, for that level of amazing, you have to build it yourself. That’s what one family did when they moved into a two-story, 2 bedroom town home that didn’t have a play space for the kids. After (probably) getting permission to make renovations, they got to work…on this empty area above the front door and over the stairs!


They started by adding some hardcore lumber and reinforcing everything. If you plan to let your kids play on it, it had better be extremely reliable. A magical floating loft should always be reliable. They double-checked each measurement and nail and bolt and screw every step of the way!


Once the entire foundation was as secure as they could make it, they added in the flooring! It’s gorgeous, and they were even able to add in an electrical socket! Awesome.


After all of their hard work, they essentially created another “room” out of this previously unusable area! The railing is the best idea, and they were able to hook up a television and light fixture! Don’t worry, they added a gate to the stairs – there will be no accidents in this magical play land!


Would you ever make such a drastic renovation in your home? If you have stairs like this, will you be adding an extra room to your home? I love this idea, and I think it’s extremely clever! It’s perfect!

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