The Staff At Little Caesar’s Pooled Their Tips For One Jaw-Dropping Reason

The Little Caesars in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan have been doing something shocking for the past seven months, and when people started to find out what they were up to, it went VIRAL.

22-year-old Samuel Nzube, a student at Algoma University, hadn’t seen his family in over five years. He had poured all of his time and money into earning his education while working at Little Caesar’s. He didn’t earn enough to travel, and the finance and economics major couldn’t have dreamed of saving up the thousands of dollars it would cost to fly home.

When his coworkers began pooling their tips back in October seven months ago, they told him that they wanted to go on a camping trip. He agreed to help out – if they were all sharing the costs, it would be a lot of fun and still affordable – and they continued to plan their “camping trip.”

But when they reached their goal of $2,000, they handed it to him and told him that they had been lying all along. The money was to be used for him to travel back home and visit his parents during the break in coursework.
For a full five minutes, he couldn’t speak. He was overwhelmed at the gesture and couldn’t believe it. The store’s owner was in on it the entire time and told him that if $2,000 wasn’t enough, they would personally cover the rest.

He admitted that he was most excited about eating his mother’s food.

All of the foods,” he said. “Definitely the foods. I’m just going to go home and eat my mom’s cooking.”

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