The Signs From This “Illiterate” Farmer Are More Clever Than You Might Think!

On Highway 69 in Texas, there is a man who knows exactly how to sell his produce. Between Mineola and Lindale, she sets up his truck and posts these enormous signs in front to attract customers. Most of his sales do not come from his (probably) delicious vegetables, but from his ridiculous, misspelled signs advertising them.

His signs are spelled phonetically, meaning that the words are pronounced exactly as they look. With many different rules, grammar can be difficult for some…but no matter how complicated it gets, everyone knows when something is spelled wrong. The old man looking to catch the attention of people driving by knows that, and he uses this to his advantage.At 73, Jack Roach of Duck Creek Produce knows what it takes to sell his wares to the public. Hardly anyone would stop to buy “Turnip greens and potatoes,” but most everyone will pull over to let this “uneducated” farmer know that he’s spelled them horrendously wrong. Jack isn’t always the one running the stand, but he reports that nearly everyone who stops ends up walking away with fresh vegetables!In a time where its easier to just pick food up at the grocery than peruse a farmers market, small farmers have to get creative in order to move their product. They usually have better quality foods to choose from than the grocers who outsource their stock from warehouses, but most consumers just can’t be inconvenienced.Many of the people who travel this highway regularly stop every time to buy “taters ‘n skwash,” and of course they tell their friends!

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