The Secret To This Awesome Notebook Is So Easy! The Kids Will LOVE This Project!

School supplies can be expensive, and the “cool” notebooks can get really pricey (I’m looking at you, colorful $13 notebook with only 75 pages…). This project is easy, fun, and will more than make up for you not spending a ton of cash on supplies that they “neeeeed, like, you don’t understand!!” At least it’s worth a try, right? It’s simple. Do it at home!

  • Cut a rectangle out of the front cover of a cardboard notebook with a sharp knife.4.29a6
  • Get two sheets of acetate that are the size of your notebook.
  • Place the two sheets of acetate inside of a folded piece of wax paper and use an iron to seal them together! (Be careful not to burn your fingers!)4.29a7
  • Leave one side open. Seal the fourth side but leave a small opening.4.29a8
  • Grab some baby oil, food coloring, water, and a straw. Mix the water with the food coloring until it is vibrant. 4.29a9
  • Mix one part water with two parts oil! Add the mixture into the bag using a small straw and funnel and carefully seal the edge with the iron.4.29a10
  • The food coloring will stay separated from the oil and create a fun effect between the plastic sheets! giphy
  • Hot glue the plastic into the notebook, and have fun!

Some people have placed small glitters and plastic beads to give the liquid a theme, like a galaxy in purple liquid or the ocean in blue. This is such a unique and fun idea! It may not be a great idea for small children, but as long as no one attacks the plastic with sharp objects, it should be okay! At least it is pretty to look at.

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