The Secret Behind This VIRAL Photo Will Leave You LAUGHING!! I Understand Why EVERYONE Was Fooled!

When this picture hit the internet, people were stunned. Luis Candela prides himself on being extremely physically fit. He is able to do things that most people would never be able to do without months and months of training. When he posted a picture of himself hanging over a 300-foot cliff by only his feet, the internet exploded. The Pedra do Telagrafo cliff in Brazil overlooks a beach and people shocked by his needless and dangerous stunt.


He posted several angles of his incredible skill! His muscles working to keep his body suspended in mid-air above a terribly dangerous cliff side. What was he thinking?! He could fall at any second!


Showing no fear, this close-up really puts everything into perspective. Candela was committed to this cliff side and was proud to have achieved such an incredible accomplishment. Who else can say that they hung over the side of a dangerous cliff?! Not many people!


When the location was discovered, people from all over decided to try and recreate Candela’s stunt, adding their own unique twists to the incredible feat of strength and skill.

And then this was posted:


How could a grown man hold his child above such a dangerous location?! Look at the terror and fear on that child’s face! What kind of irresponsible parent could try something like this with no additional safety precautions like rope or a harness? And then, the secret was out, and suddenly it all made sense.


Oh. This cliff…isn’t really a cliff at all. Okay, technically it is a cliff, and technically the hillside is 300 feet above the ocean below…but come on! That was some intense trickery. I definitely fell for it the first time this picture rolled across my dashboard!


It’s not just one or two people, either! Look at all of these people standing in line to take a jaw-dropping photograph! If I ever get the chance, I would take a picture and frame it in my living room. In 50 or 60 years, my grand kids won’t know the origin of this picture – they’ll just see grandma being the coolest grandma in the world!

Would you hang over this cliff side for a once-in-a-lifetime photograph?! The next time I find myself in Brazil, it might be on my list of things to do! Too cool!

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