The Search And Rescue Team Decided To Try A Drone Instead Of A Search Using Volunteers

A pair of hikers and their trusty dog realized that they had wandered off of the trail and were hopelessly lost. It took them a long time to find an area with cell service and dialed 911 to report that they needed to be rescued. They weren’t sure where they had ended up, and the Search and Rescue team was notified of the hikers.

They analyzed the situation and went through their options.

50 years ago basically everything was done by a group lined up in a straight line and just plodding through a field,” Incident Commander Bruce Fosdick said. “Now, scientifically we try to plot out a lot more where the subject is. We use a lot of different assets. Dogs, drones, helicopters. We try to do a lot more with a lot less people and try to get it done a lot quicker.”

The budget-friendly drone took to the skies. The volunteers really couldn’t afford to fly a helicopter – which can cost thousands of dollars an hour to fly – and a drone was the next best thing.
The rescue team is made up of volunteers and is run mostly on generous donations, so having this option is literally saving lives and money at the same time. Every rescue that they perform is free of charge, and in this case, they were able to locate the hikers in just a few hours.

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