The Schools Are Listening! Another School District Bans Homework And Suggests THIS Instead!

As more and more parents decided that their children will not be doing homework outside of the classroom, schools are finally starting to listen.

The argument against homework has steadily increased over the past few years as more and more working parents find that they just don’t have the energy to police their children’s homework. With only a few hours to spend together as a family, parents and children report that they spend the majority of their “family time” arguing and stressed out over frivolous homework assignments.

Some parents have written to their schools to tell the teachers that they would not enforce any homework sent home and refused to accept that teachers could fail their children on work that wasn’t completed in class. Schools have finally started to listen. 

Marion County, Florida has officially announced that each of the 31 schools in their district will no longer issue homework for elementary schools. Instead of sending home worksheets, the school suggests that parents read with their children for 20 minutes each night.

With the exception of large semester projects, the school has banned nightly and excessive homework assignments.

For parents that aren’t able to fulfill this new policy due to varying reasons, the school has provided access to additional resources as a substitute to reading.

Middle and high school students will still be issued homework, but parents are calling this movement a victory and hope that other counties will start to listen to the new research being released.

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