The School Told Her Daughter That She Was “Eating Too Much.” You’ll Never Guess What She Was Eating!

If you thought that schools were getting nosy when it came to a child’s nutrition, you’re about to be shocked at what this school said about a child’s lunch from home! While school officials don’t offer vegan alternative meals for children who have special diets, they are strangely adamant about controlling what a parent sends to school instead. The school in question has started checking the contents of home-brought lunches, and this mom was outraged when faculty told her daughter that she was “eating too much.”

So, what was in the offensive lunchbox?

  • A peanut butter sandwich with wheat bread
  • A banana
  • Strawberries
  • Grapes
  • Raisins mixed with coconut flakes
  • Avocado slices

The faculty also went so far as to say that the avocado slices were “unhealthy” because of their fat content. It should be noted that the faculty sharing the opinions did not have a background in nutrition.

Mom was furious! The school’s lunches serves sausages, cake, custard, doughnuts, and buttery mash – all things that her daughter can’t eat and are significantly less healthy than the items in her daughter’s lunchbox.

Dear Mrs. ————–,

Unless you are able to provide the nutritional information of school dinners or an alternative to avocado for [my daughter] ——– ——–, who is vegan, I will not be changing what she has for lunch. I would appreciate if you do not make comments on ——–‘s healthy lunch because telling a teenage girl that she has ‘too much’ lunch is far from healthy.

Many thanks,


Other parents at the school joined in, demanding the “nutritional facts” for the lunch items provided by the school.

Do you think that school’s should monitor a student’s nutrition, or should that be left up to a child’s pediatrician? (names hidden for privacy)

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