The School Sent This 11-Year-Old Girl Home Because Her Leggings Were “Provocative.”

Bella Jones was pulled out of class in her first week at a new school because “13-year-old young men can’t control themselves around this kind of dress.” She was sent to the school office and given a pair of sweatpants instead, claiming that school officials wouldn’t let her call her mother to bring her anything else to wear. The nurse measured the length of the jumper and decided that it was too short on its own – something that Bella’s mother, Kimberly, thinks is absurd because her daughter wasn’t wearing it on its own.

The school’s dresscode states that “clothing that is revealing or is suggestive may not be worn,” but the very next day was amended online to include leggings as well.
9.2a13The principal had this to say about the explosion on social media:

We just don’t think it’s dress code appropriate unless it’s worn with a top that meets our dress code protocol, which is six inches from the knee. The dress code for this year and last year basically has not changed. All new parents – this girl’s parents – received the new dress code at our new parent orientation. I even had a discussion with them. If I had known this was gonna be this kind of explosion I probably would have made an exception.”

Many people agree that schools need to stop shaming girls and instead focus on education.

Whether or not she violated the dress code, she shouldn’t be punished because boys “can’t control themselves.” Kimberly said about the incident.

What do YOU think about the school’s excuses?


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