The School Claimed That This “Meal” Was Perfectly Acceptable…And That The CHILD Was Wrong.

They called it “Munchable Monday” and it has parents in an uproar.

Kaytlin Shelton snapped this picture of her school lunch one Monday and sent it to her mom. This was what she walked away from the lunch line with…and her mother was outraged because Kaytlin was eating for two. The pregnant girl was finishing up her high school career and getting ready to start her own life, welcoming her daughter into the world. But according to federal regulations for maximum calories, sodium, and fat, this was all the school was allowed to offer. There are no exceptions for students who are pregnant, athletes, or have other dietary restrictions.9.5a1While the school agrees that it is difficult to accommodate students’ dietary needs and still stick to the guidelines, they did say that other options were available for Kaytlin to choose. Beans, milk, and pears were also up for grabs. Sounds like a delicious combination, right?

The results? Children are going hungry at school. The first thing most kids do after they get home is to raid their pantries and refrigerators, and if a parent can’t afford to send extra money or a packed lunch, their children just have to make it through the day with gnawing hunger until they can come home.

The school wants to change the policy, but it will take time, voting, and money to fix. If parents aren’t allowed to pack their own children’s lunch (which is the case in many schools), the school should at least be providing an acceptable meal.


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