The Say You Should NEVER Get A Tattoo Here. Demi Lovato Didn’t Care And Did It Anyway.

Like many celebrities, Demi Lovato loves tattoos and has reportedly gotten over 20! From feathers to birds to dream catches, the singer loves to show off her body art. But now, she’s gotten one on a spot that many people go out of their way to avoid:

Their hands.

Many people have said that tattoos are fine as long as you can cover them up for your day job, and many professions have a requirement in their dress codes that prohibit visible tattoos. Unlike most, her fans say, Lovato doesn’t need to worry about that.She got a large lion tattoo that covers the entire top of her left hand. She didn’t give an explanation to her choice for the image of a lion, but her most loyal fans found the connection instantly.

Her 2015 album was titled Lionheart, and it is most likely the inspiration behind her decision to sport a new lion tattoo.

Critics have said that her choice of tattoo is copying other artists, but fans say that you can’t really find a tattoo that hasn’t already been done before. It’s about the person who wears it, in the end, and if they love it or not.

Would YOU get a tattoo on your hand? Any chance it might be a lion?

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