The RIGHT Way To Clean Your Face Has TEN Steps! This Korean Method Is Intense…And GENIUS!

How do you clean your face at night? Some people go to bed with a face full of makeup, and some only remove their makeup with a cloth before they hit the sack. For those with acne, a little more is involved than just splashing their faces with water. Hundreds of washes and creams and oils and toners line the shelves at department stores, but what are they for? And more importantly, does it matter what order we use them in? The answer is brought to us by Charlotte Cho, a woman who left California to study skincare in South Korea.

The order of your products absolutely matters because it determines what gets absorbed into your skin…and if anything is absorbed at all! You might be wasting product if you do them out of order.

1.) Start with an oil-based cleanser to remove your makeup, dirt, or grime picked up throughout the day.7.12a13

2.) Use a water-based cleanser to remove the oil-based cleanser and prevent irritation.

3.) Exfoliate twice a week to buff away dead skin cells that block the next step from being absorbed completely into your skin.

4.) Use a toner to keep your skin hydrated! If your skin is dry, it will actually take in LESS moisture.

5.) Use an essence to speed up the regeneration process. As we age, this takes longer to do naturally.

6.) Use serum, boosters, and ampoules to treat any problem spots on your face. Acne, dark spots, or wrinkles need a little extra care, so get products that say “repair” or mention your specific issue.7.12a14

7.) Use a face mask to boost the nutrients being put into your skin. 7.12a12

8.) Apply an eye cream UNDER your eyes!

9.) Use a moisturizer – this is not the same as the products before – to “lock in” the steps that have been done so far.

10.) Sun protection! Use sun block before leaving the house to keep the UV rays from undoing all of the work you’ve put into your skin!

Does this sound like too much work, or the answer to your prayers? Centuries of evidence and study can’t be wrong, Cho says!

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