The “Right” And “Wrong” Way To Wear Boots With Jeans Will Transform Your Cold Weather Looks!

It’s that time of year again! When the chill sets in and the grass gets covered in icy slush, its time to break out your favorite boots and stay as warm as possible without sacrificing your sense of style. This can be surprisingly difficult when you’re trying to pair your favorite jeans with your favorite boots as not all items match together perfectly. Thankfully, these style gurus have some helpful hacks to tackle those wintertime woes with some clever ideas!

Do your favorite pair of jeans get bunched up in your boots? Are they nearly impossible to wear without all of that extra fabric getting pushed up your calf? This is the easiest way to tame that extra “flare!” Just fold the leg up twice and keep it all in place with a tall sock!

Don’t forget your favorite pair of booties! Covering the ankles looks a bit odd, and as the day wears on, the fabric will end up bunched uncomfortably as you walk around. Instead, fold them up and out of the way!
With these super easy methods, you can quickly fix your jeans to fit with your favorite boots! No more uncomfortable bunching and stretching while you’re out and about!

What do you think of these cute ideas?

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